Reign Swim is a swimwear brand celebrating women with fuller busts. We want to eradicate the granny prints and headaches that so many women have become accustomed to when looking for swimwear. 

We stand for you, loving the skin you’re in, being unashamed and unapologetic and hope to empower women to feel comfortable and free whilst on the beach or in the pool. 

We are committed to providing you with a contemporary, beautiful and fun design that offer adequate support and fit.

A big thing for us is that we don’t want fuller bust women to feel like a specialist customer but feel like any other customer when shopping for swimwear. We want fuller bust women to experience choice and to feel comfortable shopping, assured that if they select a specific size it’ll fit as expected. For this reason, we have spent time developing our own sizing system where our range starts from UK bust size F-K and dress size 8-18: because size is key to finding the perfect fit.